Henry of Salem: Analysis of Information Regarding His Identify and Next Steps

The following are bits of information used to be explore the hypothesis that Henry of Salem (?-1670) is the son of Thomas Eyrick the weaver of Belgrave whose will was dated 1624. (Thomas Eyrick (1576-1624) weaver, his father John Eyrick (1547-1587) tailor, his father Nicholas Eyrick (1503-1562 draper and, Mayor of Leicester in 1552-3).

Puzzles to Solve

(It appears that Alice is the daughter of Richard Mabbe (Mobbes). Richard Mabbe’s (Shepherd of Churchover, Warwickshire) 1604 will mentions father Henry, mother Alice, brother Thomas, son Richard, daughters Alice and Marie. Richard Mabbe was the brother of John Mabbe who was a goldsmith of London and member of the 24 of Leicester in 1602-3 and mayor in 1610 (and was a contemporary of Robert Hericke (probably, the glover – according to John Cloake).

Information Needed to Prove Hypothesis


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