HFA Committee


Dale E. Yoe

Duties: To guide the vision, mission, values and structure of the HFA. To serve as the legal head of the HFA

Vice President

Merrill Herrick

Duties: To oversee the activities of the HFA, form committees and provide assistance and help plan formal meetings


Nancy Johnson

Duties: Maintains documents; communicates with members; assists with meeting arrangements and records; newsletters


Dianne Herrick

Duties: Maintains bank records of membership; assists with meeting arrangements and records.


Jim Hilton

Duties: Maintains membership lists and dues

Other Notable Positions

Program Events

Michael Herrick

Deborah Nelson

Nancy Johnson

Duties: Lead planning for HFA meetings and reunions; form committees to complete/implement plans and doordinate with HFA officers

Chair of Research

Alice H. Reynolds

Duties: Lead efforts to discover and document the origin and heritage of Henerie of Salem and Henry of Virginia

Co-Administrators of the DNA Project

Curt Herrick

Deborah Nelson

Duties: To collect/disseminate information to interested Herricks about the DNA project and share results/draw conclusions

Facebook/Web pages

James W. Yoe

Duties: Lead for social media communication

In Memoriam

This organization was started and will always be watched over by the Founder and Emeritus, Richard Leon Herrick.