HFA Trips

England - April 2022

Registration for our next HFA meeting, England 2022, is currently underway. Please gather the registration form here.

For those that are from England or visiting England at some point. Pick up your Herrick guide for must-see tour locations here.

The Board of Directors have also approved the use of some of the HFA funds to be used to help curb the costs to individuals. As of November 2019, the cost per person will be between $1400-$1500. This amount would not include airfares. I am trying to get that cost down even more. The dates for this event are TBD April 2022. We will begin in Leicester, but journey by bus to York and Lincoln to learn more about our Viking heritage and will stay at each place, then return in the end to Leicester. There will be guided tours and speakers on the Herrick History, especially in regard to our Vikings roots. Our thanks to the committee for planning this trip.


Proposed Draft Schedule of Events

*Subject to change

The Herrick Viking Tour

Monday,TBD April 2022 - Welcome Reception (nearby, reasonable hotel, with good event room, AV equipment, buffet, drinks)

• Welcome and Introductions

• Trip Overview – the schedule

• Trip Supporting materials - quick introduction

o Viking History overview

o Herrick DNA and Viking Heritage overview

o Viking Midlands Migration overview

o Vikings in Leicestershire overview

o Herrick Origin Theory overview

• Buffet and participants introduction

• Dinner speaker: Professor Turi King. Introduce Peter Liddle to the group. The idea here is to set up the knowledge base about Herricks being Viking, the DNA connections we’ve made in England and Sweden and next steps. And how this should help people appreciate the Viking sites on the trip. (fee for speaker) (dinner for 2 guests) (do we want to include Irene?)

• Overnight in Leicester

Tuesday – TBD April 2022 - Overview of Viking History and Occupation in England

• Quick review of day’s schedule and materials

• Early (7 am) Bus/coach to York – 3 hours (with one stop) (with bagged breakfast) (would Woods Coaches of Leicester ?)

• Tour Yorkshire Museum (with guide?) (fee for guide?)

• Lunch on own, settle into hotel (need options)

• Self-guided options: York Minster (largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe), Railroad Museum, Shambles walk (re-enacted medieval street), open bus tours of city, boat tours, walks on portions of remaining medieval stone walls (need some info guides to help people choose)

• Dinner on own (need suggested places)

• Overnight in York (need hotel)

Wednesday – TBD April 2022 - Vikings Way of Life

• Quick review of day’s schedule and materials

• Tour Jorvik Viking Center with guide (fee?)

• Lunch on own (need options)

• Bus/coach from York to Lincoln – 3 hours (with one stop) (Woods coaches of Leicester?)

• Visit Lincoln Castle and see Magna Carta copies (fee, combined with Cathedral is £18 adults and £ 15 concessions) (open until 5 pm)

• Dinner on own (need suggested places)

• Overnight in Lincoln (need Lincoln hotel here near museum)

Thursday – TBD April 2022 - Viking Migration

• Quick review of day’s schedule and materials

• 9:00 am – Lecture by Erik Grigg (Learning Officer of The Collection Museum) on Vikings Lincolnshire and Early Medieval Dykes (with reference to Erick, king of East Anglia) (Need space in museum, at University or at hotel) (fee for speaker)

• Tour The Collection Museum and Art Gallery with guide (maybe Eric Grigg?)

• Lunch on own

• 2:00 Lecture by Roderick Dale on Viking settlements in Lincoln and York, the mystery of multiple Erick’s and Scandinavian place names in the East Midlands) (need room for talk) (fee for speaker)

• Tour the Lincoln Cathedral (fee for only cathedral £8 and £8.40 concessions – closes at 4:30)

• Dinner on own (need options)

• Overnight in Lincoln

Friday, TBD April 2022 - Viking Encampments

• Quick review of day’s schedule and materials

• Bus/coach to edge of Nottingham (30 min), pick up guide (Andy Gaunt) (Woods Coaches of Leicester?) (fee for park?) (guide fee)

• Tour Sherwood Forest and Thynghowe (Viking Parliament like Danelaw Wapenlake) at Sherwood Forest and other Viking sites with Andy Gaunt

• Lunch at Sherwood Forest Visitors Center

• Continue tour of Sherwood Forest

• Bus/coach to Leicester

• Dinner in Leicester with other HFA members or on own (some sort of way to connect….)

• Overnight in Leicester

Saturday, TBD April 2022

• Bus/coach to Repton, Debyshire (Vikings there in 873-4) with Peter Liddle to view St. Wystan’s Church, Viking mound. (Woods Coaches of Leicester?) (guide fee)

• Lunch on own in Leicester

• Herrick research sharing with UK and US Herricks (need a room for this)

• Self-guided tour of Leicester Cathedral, Richard III’s tomb and Herrick chapel, Viking relics in Leicester?

• Dinner with all HFA members. Speaker, “What we know and don’t know about the Herrick history in England. And next steps.” Peter Liddle (speaker fee) (dining room needed) (AV needed)

Sunday – TBD April 2022

• Depart

• Do other wonderful things in England: bus tours, boat tours, London, Stratford on Avon, Bristol, further Herrick research, etc.

• Work with UK Herricks to converge knowledge, create action plan