The mission of the Herrick Family Association, HFA, consists of at least the following:

Primary Mission Statement

1. The primary mission statement of the HFA is to provide a forum for those individuals with a Herrick ancestor to take advantage of research conducted by others, regardless of whether or not they may be descended from Henerie Hericke, a.k.a. Henry of Salem.

2. To continue to update, as an addendum, the third edition of the Herrick Genealogical Register (HGR3) since its completion in 2012.

3. Since the corrections have been made on the erroneous claim in the 1846 and 1885 editions of the HGR that Henerie Hericke was the fifth son of Sir William of Beaumanor, we will continue to pursue the ancestry of Henry of Salem (who arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by June 1629).

4. Conduct and share research on Henry John "Hen" Heyricke, a.k.a. Henry of Virginia (who was in Court in York Co., VA on 17 March 1641 and determine the ancestry of his wife Ann (____) Herrick, and any children they may have had). The discovered information to be shared via the HGR3, HFA and the Internet.

Information Sharing Activities of the HFA

5. Hold meetings of the HFA with members and non-members at various locations of interest to the Herricks.

6. Maintain a Home Page Web Site, Forum page and Facebook page for the HFA.

7. Continue to publish a Newsletter.

HFA: MH; 2018