Festival of Charnwood Roots @ Beaumanor Hall

May 29, 2017

by: Irene Turlington

Yesterday was the festival to celebrate the Charnwood Roots Project at Beaumanor Hall hosted by University of Leicester. I thought you would like to see some pictures of the gardens at Beaumanor and some detail of the architecture that I had never noticed before. In particular the bottom of the staircase, and the door leading out to the patio and the grounds at the back of the house.

When we arrived at Beaumanor we were greeted by a William Herrick look-alike-character. The character was William Perry Herrick wearing his top hat and dressed in the Victorian style.

The play was performed on the grand staircase inside the house (or at least I think this is the case). The 18th Century play is called the Charnwood Opera and was performed by members of the Grand Union Folk Club. It was a combination of verse and folk songs, but it lasted around 15 minutes. This was the first performance since the 18th century.